Amira Adara, Tiffany Tatum - Tell Me More porno video

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Amira Adara, Tiffany Tatum - Tell Me More

Amira Adara, Tiffany Tatum - Tell Me More

Tiffany Tatum has had one heck of a crazy night out on the town with plenty of sexcapades. She can't wait to share her adventures with her roommate, Amira Adara. What Tiffany doesn't know when she crashes into the room where Amira is hanging out, is that Amira has been getting busy with her vibrator and a glass of wine.

Amira tries to listen to Tiffany tell her tale, but between the sexy talk and her interrupted masturbation session, her heart isn't really in the conversation. Since she's covered up with a blanket anyway, Amira slips a hand beneath the covers to resume diddling herself. It takes Tiffany a few minutes to figure out what's up, but when she does, she pulls the blanket off to reveal Amira's lovely body and the hand that's holding the vibrator to her pussy.

Tiffany isn't about to leave Amira wanting to cum without helping her roomie out. She leans in to tug Amira's bra down so she can deliver openmouthed kisses to her girlfriend's lovely breasts. At the same time, she takes the vibrator out of Amira's hands so she is now in full control of Amira's pleasure. Amira allows it for a few minutes, but eventually she knocks the vibrator away so that she can tug Tiffany's top off and feast on her girlfriend's hard nipples.

Taking Tiffany's hand, Amira leads them into the bedroom where they can really get comfortable together. Working slowly, Amira kisses her way down Tiffany's body to help relieve her of her clothes. Amira samples Tiffany's hard nipples, licks Tiffany's tender belly, and then tugs Tiffany's thong aside for a taste of the musky juices she has helped create. Settling in for a long, loving pussy feast, Amira uses her tongue and two fingers to get Tiffany moaning.

Tiffany waits until her twat stops fluttering and then gets Amira onto her knees. She runs a hand down Amira's spine, then gradually removes her thong. Urging Amira to lean forward, Tiffany settles in on her belly for a full on pussy delight. She is thorough in her ministrations, exploring every last inch of Amira's lusty fuck hole.

The girls swap spots so that Amia can go back to work on Tiffany's fuck hole. She gets her hands in on the excitement, rubbing Tiffany's clit while her tongue wanders up to Tiffany's anus. With such dedicated ministrations, it's no surprise that Tiffany is soon moaning her way through another big O.

Next, the girls return their attention to the vibrator. Tiffany gets to enjoy the toy pressed to her clit first. It's not long, though, before she returns the orgasmic favor for Amira. She gets Amira back on belly and drives two fingers home in Amira's fuck hole. It's not long before Amira is mewling in delight.

Rolling onto her back, Tiffany pulls Amira on top of her. Amira knows what to do, planting her pussy on Tiffany's mouth and then leaning forward. Their lesbian 69 is sweet and sexy, only finishing up when they have each finally grown satisfied with their afternoon delight together.

Amira Adara, Tiffany Tatum - Tell Me More

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